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Why We do it

We started on this endeavour out of discontent with the beauty and care industry. Overall, we feel that their production and distribution practices have had and continue to have an outsized negative impact on human and ecological health. At the centre of this issue, what drives the industry is a tacit belief, in the consumer, that self-care is contradictory to caring for human communities and ecosystems.

We believe the exact opposite: taking care of your body, human communities far and close, and ecosystems that sustain them, should be one and the same. If having smooth, healthy skin came at the expense of your worker friends’ health, or your farming cousin’s livelihood, you would naturally seek alternative options, but large companies’ success has been to disconnect the users of their products, from the people and environments that produce them.

So far, the industry’s attempts at reducing its negative impacts have only led to surface level green-washing, or half-hearted publicity stunts. These efforts have been unsuccessful because they do not address the core problem: decisions made based solely on personal gains. We don't think we will see any substantial improvement in outcomes without considerations, from the consumers and the brands, of many interests outside of themselves.

Many brands have already emerged to offer alternatives to conscious consumers.While many of them are doing great work, plastic packaging remains the biggest drawback. And the ones that do have sustainable packaging are often too expensive for most of us. Nonetheless, we believe, the more the better when it comes to small grassroots efforts to take down the exploitative industry. We need collective effort from all alternative brands, and we would like to contribute our share to this effort.

This is what is driving effort. If you have experienced something similar with the beauty/care product industry, we would love to hear from you!

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