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Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Beeja botanicals was started to address two problems in our hometown of Sirsi: a lack of value-addition opportunities for local raw ingredient harvesters, particularly tribal women and people reliant on forests, and a lack of affordable, ethical, and environmentally sound body care products for consumers. We started small in 2017, by using already available local raw ingredients, to produce lip balms, and sell them at a fair price locally.

Since then, we have gotten more ambitious.

We aim to redefine care to include the wellbeing of communities and ecosystems, in addition to individual self-care. That means having ethical business practices, taking into account all which are impacted by our decisions, in an industry rife with nefarious production and marketing practices. It also means challenging consumers to consider others’ wellbeing in their daily care practices. Our success will hopefully nudge the industry towards a more sustainable and respectful approach. We also want to offer a broader range of products to more people in India, and create employment opportunities in Sirsi, while protecting and supporting our local ecosystems and communities.

To achieve this, we maintain close relations with raw material producers around Sirsi, who supply the amazing ingredients that go into our products. We also keep developing new recipes to add value to more locally-produced raw materials, and meet the broader needs of users. By continuously rethinking our packaging, we reduce ecological impact, and support local economies. We use only substances which are not harmful to humans or ecosystems, and support sustainable agricultural and forest harvesting practices. We make products by hand, using traditional methods, in order to maintain high quality while also supporting more local households in need of additional income.

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