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Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We want you to be able to make an informed and conscious choice when buying our products. That’s why we are as transparent as possible about how we do things as a company. You will find information about our methods of production in other places on our social media. Here, we want to tell you about some principles we follow as a company.

We see ourselves as deeply connected to people and places, which means that our choices always impact our human and nonhuman environment. That’s why we practice collective decision-making, not only between the three of us at the top, but with all stakeholders, meaning you, of course, but also the raw material producers, employees, retailers, and other people who would be impacted. For this to work, we invest in relationships, because we know that this kind of practice leads to better outcomes for everyone involved.

We believe that our products’ value is commensurate with all the labour of the people who made it, across the production chain. So, we aim for prices that reflect the fair compensation of all workers for any labour, product, or service. This is how we help sustain our community, which in turn sustains Beeja.

We care for our environment, be it the land, the water, the air, or the people living here. We continuously try to reduce waste, lower carbon emissions, uphold traditional ways of living, and maintain the health of the soils and waters. For us, this looks like minimally packaging our products, and prioritizing organic and local ingredients made by hand.

We have experienced or observed pervasive and intersecting systems of oppression in our society, which cause the exclusion, marginalization, and disempowerment of many classes. We see it as a necessity for Beeja to play a positive role in remedying social injustice. That’s why we prioritize including, centring, and empowering the work of women, tribal people, and lower castes, in the production and distribution of Beeja products.

Hopefully, this summary gives you a better idea of our values as an organisation, and how these values turn into action through our work. Feel free to ask us how Beeja is run!!!sustainability

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